10 Great Things about Women Health over 50

We all know that our bodies don’t remain the same as years pass by. Namely, it is well known that women bodies are going through a lot of changes by the time they reach their fifties. This is why we chose several unknown yet interesting facts about women health over 50. Here they go:

1. Women health over 50 changes and they need to get a colonoscopy

This is because even if they don’t have a family history or risk of colorectal cancer, the screening after 50 years is a must. This is because women over this age can be at risk just because of their age.

2. Women over 50 might even need some new vaccines

Even if it is known that pneumonia vaccines are only needed for the elderly, we rest assure you it is not so. This is because you need to get this vaccine every 5 years after you turn 50, even if you aren’t at risk. However, this is obligatory if you are suffering from asthma or diabetes. Additionally, a vaccines that are a must after women turn 50 are TDAP booster vaccine, and a vaccine for chickenpox if you haven’t had it. Lastly, a flu shot every year can also be beneficial too.

3. The menopause issue

In this period of your life the period of women ends. Some women face several problems like dryness, low libido, night sweats or fatigue. But don’t worry, this all goes away after some time. And you will be able to go to the beach at any time without any risk. However you can have sex without condoms if your sole purpose for using condoms was to avoid pregnancy.

4. The hormones finally find their place

It is less known that women over 50 face no problems with their hormones as they are already well adjusted. So you can also say goodbye to mood swings and every negative effect your hormones have brought you in the past.

5. Heart diseases are riskier during this time of your life

Among the scary facts about women health over 50 is the fact that after the menopause, the risks of cardiovascular diseases are increased. However, this can be prevented by living a healthy and active lifestyle.

6. You might face some new aches

During these years of your life, you are likely to experience pain you’ve never experienced before. For some people it can be their knees or their back. This is also easily prevented by leading an active life.

7. Menopause brings emotional problems

This is because your hormone levels fluctuate during your menopause and your mood will be affected by this. Additionally, if you have hot flashes, you might not get a good night’s sleep and feel this even more. This is why it is recommended to visit a doctor if you have any issues during your menopause.

8. Women health over 50 is actually over the roof

After going through with menopause, women health over 50 is much stronger. This is because most of the women by this age are living their life with less stress and are happier. They also have more knowledge and experience and they can really enjoy their life.

9. Less stress also means less health problems

This is because many diseases are due to a lot of stress in a person’s life. However, living life free of problems as ladies in these years do, can lead to internal stability which would also lead to a healthier body.

10. Women over 50 are confident and live happier

Women over 50 are more self-assured and know what they like and don’t. This prevents them from having problems about themselves which can be devastating to the whole immune system. By this time women have already found themselves and are only improving themselves too. This is an excellent input for a healthy mind which leads to a healthier body too.

All in all we can say that the youth is not the only part of life that has its advantages. It is really likely to enjoy your life in your 50ties too ladies.

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