4 Exercises to Improve Your Vertical Jump!

If you are looking for exercises to improve your vertical jump, you have come to the right place!

There are a lot of sports which require someone to be able to jump high.

Even for those people who don’t play sports competitively, being able to jump and dunk a basketball is a feat many want to accomplish!

If you want to know a couple of the best exercises to increase your vertical leap, keep reading below!

Exercise 1 to Improve Your Vertical Jump: Back Squat

The back squat is an important exercise for developing a great vertical leap.

There are multiple parts of the vertical jump, and one of the most important is building raw strength.

The back squat is the best exercise for building raw strength in your lower body, and it replicates the motion of the vertical jump well.

If your goal is to jump high, don’t worry about doing high reps often.

Your goal is to increase your 1 rep max, because that will develop the most overall strength.

A good back squat program is the 5×5 program.

Exercise 2 Improve Your Vertical Jump: Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian split squat is important to developing an explosive vertical jump because it trains your posterior chain muscles well, and it also improves the strength and stability of your legs unilaterally.

The back squat is an excellent exercise to help you jump higher, but it is not the only exercise you need.

Bulgarian split squats develop amazing single leg power and stability, which is necessary to jump high.

If you are training for a sport such as basketball or volleyball, Bulgarian split squats are excellent to help you jump well from awkward positions.

This exercise trains your legs to be incredibly strong and sturdy, making it an excellent exercise for athletes of any sports.

Most people will find these difficult to begin with, but you will certainly improve over time.

Bulgarian split squats work well in any rep range, so don’t be nervous to try to play with different workouts!

Exercise 3 Improve Your Vertical Jump: Hang Clean

After developing strength with the back squat and Bulgarian split squat, you need to develop power to truly jump high!

The hang clean is excellent because it helps develop posterior chain strength and power, and it is relatively easy to learn.

The power clean, and power snatch are excellent movements as well, but they are more difficult to learn.

Olympic movements are amazing for developing the vertical jump, and the hang clean is a user-friendly version of the core Olympic lifts.

If you decide to practice these, stick with low rep ranges at first.

Also, use only a moderate weight until you are comfortable with the movement.

Hang cleans will teach you how to jump explosively with great hip power, and they are an essential exercise to improving your vertical jump!

Exercise 4 Improve Your Vertical Jump: Box Jumps

Building strength and power are enough to develop a very good vertical jump but adding in plyometric exercises will take you to a completely different level!

A lot of plyometric exercises can be dangerous for your knees and hips, but box jumps are relatively safe.

Box jumps are good for teaching you to both jump higher, and land softer.

Start with a low box, and moderate reps.

Take your time through each jump!

If you try to rush, there is a chance to injure yourself.

You can do a day of box jumps just once per week if you want, and you will get impressive results.

If you add in box jumps with the exercises listed previously, your vertical jump will start to soar!

Concluding Thoughts

If you are interested to learn more about the best exercises to improve your vertical jump, check out the article from Adam Kemp!

For those people who are not naturally gifted with the ability to jump high, there is still hope!

There are a lot of exercises which will help you improve your vertical jumping height, these are just a few of the best you can choose.

If you consistently train and get better at these exercises, you can be guaranteed you will improve your vertical jumping height!

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