7 easy ways to boost your brain

Having to be concentrated and focused on everyday activities can be a lot for a person. This is especially if their life is based on a multi-tasking scheme. This is why many people need to find a way to focus and improve their brain activity. This is why we found 7 easy ways to boost your brain, read and enjoy them:

1- Eat some antioxidants and be as sharp as you can be

High intake of antioxidants can improve your memory, your cognitive performance and your learning abilities. Foods that are rich in antioxidants are berries, carrots, spinach, red grapes and drinks like coffee and green tea. Also, a small bar of dark chocolate can have the same effect too!

2- Sleep well and your brain will work well too

It is well known that people who are deprived of sleep can’t remember ordinary things. You cannot fully function when you haven’t slept enough – it also messes with your memory and ability to think clearly or communicate. Try going to bed earlier if you think that you aren’t sleeping at least 6 hours a day because this can affect your everyday brain function in a bad way.

3- Boost your brain by playing video games!

Although sometimes people take gamers as procrastinators, studies have shown that they are prone to be smarter than others. This is because playing videogames can increase a person’s cognitive skills, the ability to multitask and even your vision!

4- Chew a gum to boost your brain

Balloon away! A pack of gum in your pocket is a wonderful weapon in the fight against inactive brains. There is a number of researches that show very interesting facts regarding bubble gums. Namely, chewing gum can improve your mood and it will make you alert and active. Wonderful, huh?

5- Play some music

It doesn’t matter if you are listening or playing music. Music can be a great boost for your brain. Additionally, if you play an instrument – you develop the parts of your brain that are responsible for motor control. You are also enhancing your hearing and visuospatial skills.

6- Increase brain power and memory

It is a less known fact that spices can somewhat spice up your brain. This is because there is a number of spices that can help preserve memory. On example, a spoon of cinnamon can be a good protection against Alzheimers and a sprinkling of sage is a good spice for your cognitive abilities. Lastly, cumin and cilantro are tremendously helpful for your memory!

7- Increase brain power by yoga

Yoga is definitely one of the easiest ways to improve the way your brain works. Although you basically aren’t thinking too much when you practice yoga – your brain rests. And this is important because yoga can improve your mood and your concentration. Additionally, it enhances your cognitive performance skills which means that you will remember things easily. This can be also passed on for years and it will lower the chances of cognitive decline for when you are old.

All of these are very easy steps to follow on your path to an excellent brain function. Try to boost your brain by following them and we promise you, your daily functioning will be better.

Post Author: Esmond Faris

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