Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol Rehabilitation: The First Step Towards a Life of Sobriety

Clean Body, Clean Mind Should you decide to treat your alcohol addiction, the first thing you will notice upon entering the establishment is how the body influences the mind. When your body becomes polluted with drugs and alcohol, your mind is unable to make judgement calls and think rationally in dire situations. With that being […]

Herbs for Health and Healing

Five Herbs for Health and Healing

People are suffering from several diseases due to the sedentary lifestyle and polluted environment. To get rid of their suffering they wander everywhere to root out their illness. They usually go for medical prescription and many other expensive products available in the market. But many a times these medical prescriptions are just waste of money. […]

improve your vertical jump

4 Exercises to Improve Your Vertical Jump!

If you are looking for exercises to improve your vertical jump, you have come to the right place! There are a lot of sports which require someone to be able to jump high. Even for those people who don’t play sports competitively, being able to jump and dunk a basketball is a feat many want […]

yoga routine healthy habit

How to Make Your Yoga Routine a Healthy Habit

About two years ago I began to practice yoga for the first time, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my body. In the time that I have practiced yoga, I feel as if my body has been becoming younger regardless of the fact I am still playing basketball […]

Foods To Increase Sexual Stamina

12 Vegetarian Foods That Can Increase Your Sexual Stamina

Consuming the best foods can boost enthusiasm and boost sexual stamina for both male & female. There are numerous medications that can get you through a great night in the bed room and increase your endurance in bed, however it takes the best diet plan to obtain you through the rest of your life, consisting […]

Bionic eye implants

Bionic eye implants – A blessing & ray of hope for the blind

Researchers in collaboration of tech and medical experts are developing new ways for permanent restoration of the sight amongst the affected. The revolution is due to the fact that more than 40 million people around the world suffer from blindness while other 120 million are faced with low vision. To aid these patients, the coming […]

Skin Shine Naturally

5 Foods That Make Your Skin Shine Naturally

People from all around the world and of all ages are looking for ways to look better. And improving the way your skin looks is definitely a way to go. A smooth and glowing skin just screams confidence and beauty. And beauty on the outside will definitely make you feel better about yourself. And you […]

Women Health over 50

10 Great Things about Women Health over 50

We all know that our bodies don’t remain the same as years pass by. Namely, it is well known that women bodies are going through a lot of changes by the time they reach their fifties. This is why we chose several unknown yet interesting facts about women health over 50. Here they go: 1. […]

How to gain weight for girls

How to gain weight for girls – 5 tips that really work

It is less known that people who have problems with their weight are not necessarily overweight. There are a lot of people in the world who would do anything just to gain a few more pounds. This problem is especially found in girls as they are more likely to suffer from problems that cause weight-loss. […]