Bananas for Sexual Health – 7 Reasons Must Read

Bananas contain many beneficial nutrients – from Vitamin B to bromelain.  All of these nutrients have a positive impact on your heart, vessels and they normalize blood flow. Thus, Bananas for Sexual Health and libido.  Eating bananas will increase your energy and you will be able to last longer too. Creating a habit of eating a banana per day will decrease your anxiety. Also, anxiety one of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction. Bananas will help your potency, thus it will improve your sex life and sexual health. These are the reasons why we chose to share a few facts about why bananas are good for your sexual health:

1. Bananas can boost sex drive and are a great and fast energizer

Every man dreams of lasting longer in bed and a banana a day will most likely provide that experience. Bananas give a lot of energy because they are rich with sugar and carbohydrates, and if you want to show-off with all of your skills in bed, we advise you to eat a banana or two a few hours before the intercourse.

2. Importance of banana to man

As sex is a physical activity, it can exhaust you. You might also need a banana to make your erection last longer. Which is because tiredness can be the reason of why many men have a problem with maintaining a strong erection for a longer period. Bananas help in regulating the flow of blood in the body and better blood flow leads to harder, durable erections.

3. Eating bananas can increase the chances of sperm productivity

Bananas are rich in zinc and this is very beneficial to sperm production. If you are trying for a baby it is highly suggested that you increase your bananas intake. This is because bananas are helpful to the testosterone hormones in the body.

4. They can improve the taste of the sperm

Bananas come between the types of fruits that make the sperm taste more sweet. Hence, if you are a felatio lover who enjoys oral sex, bananas are highly recommended. They are known to improve the taste and smell of the sperm.

5. A banana a day can make muscle-cramps go away

Eating bananas on daily basis can save you from the trouble of muscle cramps during sexual activities. Bananas have a positive effect on muscle activity. This means you can try a lot of different poses and things in bed with the possibility of muscle cramps gone on a minimum due to the potassium and magnesium they have.

6. Bananas improve your serotonin levels

They are rich with substances that give a euphoric feeling after sexual activities. This means bananas will surely make you enjoy intercourse more.

7. Bananas surely increase male libido

The shape of banana makes somewhat a suggestive food. But the aphrodisiac effect of banana is not just confined to its shape. Bananas are rich in nutrients and helping produce sexual hormones. Furthermore, bananas are extremely helpful in enhancing male libido.

Whether you need a boost in the bed or you just want to improve your sexual experiences, bananas are extremely beneficial and helpful. Not only are they extremely healthy for your whole body, but they can be a very good libido booster.

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