How to Make Your Yoga Routine a Healthy Habit

About two years ago I began to practice yoga for the first time, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my body.

In the time that I have practiced yoga, I feel as if my body has been becoming younger regardless of the fact I am still playing basketball year-round.

However, it was not easy to make this a habit.

In fact, there are still times when I am not as consistent with my yoga practices as I would like to be.

Over the last couple of years, I have worked to develop the habit of doing yoga every day, and I couldn’t be happier with this decision.

Want to learn how I have added the practice of yoga to my life without having to make any major adjustments?

Keep reading below!

What are the Main Benefits of Yoga?

There are a lot of well-documented benefits of doing yoga, especially if you are physically active.

For me, the main benefits of yoga are:

  • Improved Flexibility and Movement Quality
  • Improved Control Over Breathing and Breathing Mechanics
  • Development of the Mind-Body Connection
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Improved Muscle Recovery
  • Decreased Muscle Soreness Following Training Sessions

Depending on your age and physical condition, yoga will provide your body with many different and unique benefits!

One of my favorite aspects of the practice is yoga is that it can be modified to be safe for almost everyone!

Whether you are a young child, a professional athlete such as myself, a pregnant woman, or elderly; yoga can be used to improve your physical condition safely!

When is the Best Time of Day to Practice Yoga?

Honestly, yoga can be effective when practiced any time of day.

However, developing the habit of doing yoga every day starts with the choice you make on what time of day you will practice.

I have found that my favorite time of day to practice yoga is about an hour and a half before I head to sleep.

I believe that doing yoga before sleep is a wonderful way to get into the habit of doing yoga daily because you will love your night of sleep so much, you will want to return to this feeling every day.

By doing so, your body will naturally be inclined to “want” yoga each day!

Yoga is excellent for reducing both physical and mental stress and helping your body to loosen up after a day at the office.

You can certainly choose to do yoga at a different time of the day, but this is my favorite!

Benefits of Practicing Yoga First-Thing in the Morning

If I had to pick a second favorite time of day to practice yoga, I would say it would be first thing in the morning.

For anyone who has either more free time on their hands, or is comfortable waking up a bit before work, starting your day off with 30-45 minutes of yoga is an exceptional way to get your body going.

Especially on the weekends or the days when you can have an uninterrupted morning, I prefer to always start with a relaxing walk and the practice of yoga.

There are many benefits to doing yoga in the morning, including:

  • Increased Metabolism for the Entire Day
  • Improved Digestion from the Morning
  • Loosening All of the Muscles and Joints for Your Day
  • Prepare Your Mind Freely for Your Day

Many people find that it is easier to get into the habit of doing yoga when they practice right after they wake up because the distractions and stress of the day are not wearing on them yet.

Along with this, the physical benefits are “addicting” in themselves!

Practicing yoga early in the morning is an especially effective way to improve your metabolism and your digestive system.

Yoga may not burn as many calories as other forms of exercise, but it can certainly help you lose weight in other ways!

How Can You Make Your Yoga Experience More Enjoyable?

One of the best tips I have to help people get in the habit of doing yoga daily is to make a room in your house that can be at least semi-dedicated to the practice of yoga, where you know you will be able to come to and unwind every day.

Whether you prefer to do your yoga in the morning, afternoon, or night, this will be your place.

If you can’t have a room for yoga on its own, at least section off part of a room where you can keep clean and open for your practice.

Giving yourself this “special” space where you can unwind from your workday and freely think without additional stress will help you develop the habit of doing yoga more often.

Along with this, you should also always be mindful of choosing a yoga practice within your level of ability.

Nothing will turn you away from your everyday yoga like feeling defeated or unable to do the practice.

There are a variety of various sources for yoga on the internet, look around until you find some that suit your ability level!

If you take these two simple tips, you will surely come back to your mat every day!

Concluding Thoughts on Developing the Habit of Doing Yoga Each Day

If you would like to learn about more healthy living habits such as this, check out!

If you truly want to get in the habit of doing yoga each day, you will have to “like” doing yoga.

Make sure you start off with a comfortable difficulty level and work up from there.

I suggest you try to find a specific room in your house that can become your “yoga room,” because I am sure you will love this space for yourself!

Along with this, I also believe you should start with focusing on one time of the day which you can always do yoga.

Whether you choose to wake up before work or do your yoga a little while before you head to bed, choosing one specific time will ultimately help you develop the habit quicker!

Yoga is an amazing form of exercise, which is why developing the habit of doing practicing yoga each day is so important!

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