11 Olive Oil Benefits and Uses You Must Know About

Olive oil is a good input in our regular diet. However there are several olive oil benefits that any one of us can find helpful and here are some of them:

1. Olive Oil has a lot of healthy and monounsaturated fats

Since it is a natural oil that is extracted from olives, it contains saturated fats and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid. Most of it has oleic acid which is a monounsaturated fat which is tremendously healthy and beneficial. It is also very useful for cooking because it is resistant to high heat.

2. Olive oil benefits the fight against cancer

While the oleic acid is helpful in reducing inflammation, it can also have positive effects on genes that are linked with cancer.

3. Olive oil benefits our health by being rich in antioxidants

It is known that the extra virgin olive oil is very nutritious and it is rich with vitamins E and K. Being full of strong antioxidants, it also helps in the fight against serious diseases. It can also lower the level of cholesterol in our blood.

4. Olive oil can help with inflamed areas of body

Applying a gauze wet with olive oil can be helpful in reducing the temperature of the burnt place. Since it is natural it is not only an effective way, but it is also a cheaper one than medicine.

5. Olive oil does the same job as ibuprofen

In some studies it is shown that 50 mi of extra virgin oil has the similar effectiveness as 10 percent of an adult dosage of ibuprofen. Lastly, olive oil has nutrients that can fight inflammation. This includes oleic acid, as well as the antioxidant oleocanthal.

6. Olive oil can reduce the chances of strokes

It is known that stokes are caused by disturbances of blood flow to the brain. This can happen because of blood clots or bleeding. However, olive oil is the only source of monounsaturated fat that can reduce the risks of strokes.

7. Olive oil fights heart diseases

It is known that one of the most common causes of death in the world is heart disease. However studies show that heart diseases are lower around the Mediterranean Sea. This is because the virgin oil protects the body from heart disease in a few ways. Additionally, it is seen that olive oil benefits in lowering blood pressure, which is one of the strongest risk factors for heart disease and premature death.

8. Olive oil is good for a healthy diet and prevents you from gaining wait

Eating fat like olive oil prevents you from gaining excess weight. Namely it is beneficial because it is much lighter than other oils and it can be easily digested.

9. Olive oil is a good fighter against Alzheimer’s disease

One of the main ways Alzheimer’s works, it is by a buildup of beta amyloid plaques. Namely, olive oil helps in the removal of these plaques from the brain cells. Further on, this means that olive oil helps in the proper working of our brain too.

10. Olive oil reduces the risks of type 2 Diabetes

Since there are numerous studies who show that olive oil is helpful to our digestive system, it is safe to say that it can help us fight this disease. It does so by benefiting our blood sugar and our sensitivity to insulin too. It is said to reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes by 40%.

11. Olive oil has antioxidants that have anti-cancer features

It is clear that olive oil has antioxidants that are very beneficial to our health. However, these antioxidants reduce oxidative damage due to free radicals. Olive oil also benefits in the fighting of cancer cells.

If you were looking for a way to improve your health with a minor change, olive oil is just the right thing for you!

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